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About Arpan Automobile

Arpan Automobile / The Biggest EV Showroom in Bankura

Welcome to Arpan Automobile

The Biggest EV Showroom of Bankura

Switching to an EV will not only save your time but also boost your efficiency and your contribution will ensure a positive growth rate towards achieving India’s net zero emission .Charge your vehicle instead of filling it with Fossil fuels.Maintenance cost is absolutely low compared to other vehicles.

Fix your road to an EV future to empower the new generation .

Arpan Automobiles is Bankura’s biggest EV showroom with a motive to bring a transportation revolution inspired by FAME.
Our multi brand deedav , Mayuri, kinetic green gives you the best opportunity to buy the best vehicle by comparing different on the same platform at an affordable price and get the better riding experience and also befriend yourself with the environment.

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