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Book E-Luna in Bankura:

If You are searching for how to book E-Luna in Bankura, then Arpan Automobile is the destination to fulfill your desire. E-Luna Is One Of The Greatest Innovations of Kinetic Green that keeps our environment healthy and contributes equally to growing your business. Transportation is the most important and major part of any business but at present, the price of petrol is higher day by day that has a direct impact on the rising price of the product.  To substitute this major complexity, Kinetic Green launched “E-LUNA” as a savior for those people who know the value of arriving on time. If You Want E-Luna To fulfill your desire, Arpan Automobile gives  You this chance. Arpan Automobile, the  Biggest EV Showroom in Bankura, is also the official  Dealer Of Kinetic Green in Bankura. The Booking Procedure is discussed below.


Buy E-Luna In Bankura

E-Luna is an electric bike by Kinetic Green. Which Has a Tremendous look as well and its specifications are good enough. Better mileage, Strong battery backup, and fast charging give you stability for your work. The Release Date is yet not published, but the booking of this masterpiece is going on. If you Want to buy E-Luna In Bankura, first you have to book E-Luna online then you can buy from Arpan Automobile- the official E-Luna/ Kinetic Green Dealer In Bankura.  



Book E-Luna In Bankura/ Booking E-Luna in Bankura/ E-Luna Dealer in Bankura/ Buy E-Luna in Bankura


110 km in Single Charge


2 kWh Lithium-ion Battery

Top Speed

50-52 km/h

How To Book E-Luna In Bankura:

Click On The Book Now Button Below> Go To The Kinetic Green Official WebSite> Click On The Image >  Form Link is Opened> Fill The vacant > Pay. Or You should  Click On The Enquiry Now Button to contact us for any type of queries. E-Luna Is the best choice for you and your business. Strong battery backup, Tremendous millage, and speed make you an E-Luna Fan. Book Your E-Luna In Bankura From Arpan Automobile- Official Dealer Of Kinetic Green in Bankura.


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