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EV Movement in Bankura

EV Movement in Bankura

Arpan Automobile


The evoke starts from a single wheel made of stone in ancient times, after that humans never look back and the evolution remains. After a Few Decade pull cart was discovered then humans are considered that transportation is the most essential  thing to grow the whole civilization. Mid 18th century when the industrial revolution occurred in Europe, mechanics was introduced in the transportation sector, and that was the turning point of this industry like the Ev Movement in Bankura led by Arpan Automobile was the turning point for this small town in West Bengal. Currently They are one of the bestseller of electric scooty in Bankura.

After that two wheeler is the ultimate & affordable  choice for every 8 out of 10 people. Now due to public requirements and the present condition of climate and nature, technology has shifted to non-conventional energy. For that sake EV or Electric vehicles get a higher peak among people and it also makes the country and its people economically stronger. Arpan Automobile is leading the Ev Movement in Bankura a small town in West Bengal. 


Electric vehicles have sparked a notable change in small towns like Bankura in West Bengal. Arpan Automobile is leading the Ev movement in Bankura. Arpan Automobile is selling electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers from reputable brands like Kinetic Green, Deedav and Mayuri. These eco-friendly vehicles are changing the local landscape of Bankura, offering a cleaner and quieter alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

In Bankura the buzzing sound of petrol-powered bikes is replaced by the gentle hum of electric motors. The three-wheelers offered by Arpan Automobile play a crucial role in local transportation. These electric rickshaws provide a sustainable alternative to conventional auto-rickshaws, reducing air and noise pollution. Not just rickshaws they are selling huge number of electric scooty in Bankura. Arpan Automobile’s role extends beyond vehicle sales, it actively contributes to raising awareness and promoting the benefits of electric mobility in Bankura.


Ev Movement in Bankura

EV technology involves the use of electric power to propel vehicles. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries that store and Supply electricity to an electric motor. This technology is more environmentally friendly Compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. It has zero tailpipe emissions. Regenerative braking in EVs helps to recover energy during deceleration.Electric mobility extends beyond Cars, with electric bikes, Scooters and buses. There are two main types of EVs. One is Called Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and the other is Plug-in Hybrid vehicle (PHEV). Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) only uses electricity. PHEV uses both electricity and regular fuel. It has an electric motor and a normal engine.charging an EV is like charging your Phone. You plug it in and it gets power.


Vehicles that run on diesel or Petrol, have a big problem : they make a lot of Pollution. This pollution is bad for our air, Water and the whole Planet. That’s why we need Electric vehicles (EVs). They are like a breath of fresh air for our environment. Petrol or diesel Powered vehicles release harmful things into the air. The Primary troublemaker is Carbon dioxide (Co₂). Too much Co₂ in the air is like putting a Warm blanket around the earth. It makes our planet hotter, Causing climate change. Not Just Co₂, it also releases other  harmful stuff, like nitrogen oxide and Particulate matter. These are tiny particles and not good for our Lungs or our health. EVs, on the other hand, don’t have a tailpipe that spits out bad things. When you drive an EV, you don’t add more pollution to the air.

Ev Movement in Bankura

So, electric vehicles are like Superheroes fighting against pollution. They help to Keep our air clean, reduce climate change and make our cities healthier Places to live. It is not just a choice but a need of the time we live in.

Technological Advancement for Better Tomorrow

Smart Charging

Charging your EV is becoming Smarter. New technologies are making charging stations more efficient and user-friendly. Imagine plugging in your Car, and it knows exactly how much charge it needs and when to stop.

Super Connected

EVs are becoming Super Connected. Just like your smartphone, these cars can communicate with each other.

Autonomous Driving

The future is looking more and more like Science friction with autonomous driving features. EVs are getting adaptive Cruise Control and parking assistance. These advancement make driving safer and more Convenient.

Solar Integration

Imagine your Car Soaking up the sun to charge itself. Solar integration in EVs is a reality in the making.

Electric Rickshaw

Some Indian Companies are focusing on affordable EV Solutions for the masses. From electric rickshaws to budget-friendly electric two-wheelers, these innovations are making EVs accessible to a wider range of people.

Infrastructure That Secure Nature

Ev Movement in Bankura

For electric vehicles (EVs) to thrive, they need a place to recharge. In cities there is a push to create charging hubs. There will be multiple charging stations in a charging hub. The Indian government is giving a thumbs- up to charging infrastructure. They understand it is a big deal for EV growth. The Indian government has reduced the GST from 18% to 5% for Charging stations. It encourages setting up more charging stations across the country. It’s like planting seeds for a greener transport future.

Partnership between the government and Private Companies are also booming. They are teaming up to build more charging Stations. It’s a teamwork approach to make sure charging points are everywhere, from busy streets to highways. Charging Stations also are going green. Some are using solar power to generate electricity. This move towards green energy makes the entire process even more eco-friendly.


The Production – Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme in India is a boost for EV manufacturers. It’s a government initiative that rewards Companies for making more EVs. This Scheme aims to increase the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Ever heard of changing batteries like you change your phone’s battery? India is exploring the Battery Switching Policy. It is like Swapping a used battery for a fully charged one. This could be a game changer, especially for electric two-wheelers and three wheelers.

FAME II”  is a developed technology to construct the backbone of Modern Transport Technology. Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles(FAME II). It supports the manufacturing of EVs and their charging Infrastructure.

Paying less tax when you buy an electric vehicle Sounds like a good deal, right? That’s what Tax Reduction on EVs is all about. The Indian government is cutting down taxes to make electric vehicles more attractive.

From incentives for manufacturers to tax reductions for buyers, and even exploring battery Swapping, focus is on making electric mobility an easy and affordable choice for people. These schemes are encouraging middle class people to buy electric scooty & bike in Bankura. 

Technological Advancement for Better Tomorrow

Electric Scooty in Bankura

Deedav Ev Bike in Bankura

Arpan Automobile / The Biggest EV Showroom in Bankura

Kinetic Toto

Kinetic Green Flex

Mayuri Toto


- Ev Movement In Bankura

The future of electric vehicles in India is charged with possibilities with government Support, technological advancement and a growing awareness of environmental concerns. Electric Vehicles are ready to become an integral part of the Indian transportation System. The goal is not just adopting electric vehicles but creating an - ecosystem that will support their growth from manufacturing to charging infrastructure. It's a Journey towards cleaner, greener and smarter mobility for all.

- Dipu Gorai